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If you need a hand with your new Windows laptop or PC or don’t want the hassle of configuring settings, we’re on hand to help at your local store.

We'll check that you're configured for automatic updates, so you're always secure and up-to-date

  • We'll check that you're configured for automatic updates, so you're always secure and up-to-date.
  • We'll set up parental controls to help keep your family safe online.
  • We can install and set up any software you've bought with your computer, including anti-virus software and Microsoft Office.

Looking for some quick advice?

If you've just bought a new PC, we've got a ton of tips and tricks online to help you get the most out of it.

Check out our kit guides for window.

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Getting to grips with a new computer can be a hassle – so why not let our in-store experts handle the hard stuff?

From setting up your family’s user accounts to activating parental controls, we’ll make sure your new computer is up to date and ready to use as soon as you get it home.

And to keep it working well into the future, we’ll make sure you're configured for automatic updates – so you can rest assured you’re always running the latest and safest version of Windows. And we can also install any software you’ve bought alongside it: anti-virus, Microsoft Office or just about anything else.

Finally, we’ll even make you a simple recovery program on a USB drive – so if anything goes wrong with your computer in future, you can reinstall Windows and get things back to normal with no fuss.

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We'll configure your key settings, set up automatic updates and provide a useful recovery tool on a USB drive.

Set-up & Personalise


Like our standard Set-up – but we'll also personalise your new laptop or PC by setting up your email account and installing any software you've purchased in-store.


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Our Computer Set-up service is available in every store – check our Store Locator to find your nearest location.

Available in-store, online, at home and over the phone.

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