Deploying software to multiple systems manually is a time consuming task, especially when IT admin has to perform software deployment as a part of desktop management routine. Also, performing tasks such as software installation and uninstallation/deletion without an automated software involves complications that might consume? IT administrator effort and time.


Desktop Central enables IT adminis to distribute, install, update and uninstall software applications remotely as well as automatically.

Support for Windows:

Desktop Central Software Deployment for Windows helps increasing the administrator's productivity by supporting remote MSI & EXE software/application deployment. Desktop Central can automatically install MSI & EXE software to users or computers at a scheduled time. Also, Desktop Central supports software installation to users and computers or mass installation to OUs, Domains and Sites.

Support for Mac:

Desktop Central software deployment for Mac makes the operation hassle free, by allowing IT administrator to perform automatic software installation and uninstallation at a single click. Moreover, deployment can be performed remotely as well as automatically.
Support for Linux:

Desktop Central makes software deployment easier for Linux administrators, by automating software deployment tasks. Now easily deploy Linux applications without much efforts